random expermients in the form of software...


My name is Rodrigo Alfonso (aka @rodri042) and I'm a software developer from Argentina.

This page contains some personal projects that I developed in my free time.

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MouseWars.io Web Steam (2017~2018)

MouseWars.io is a real time multiplayer cursor war game. The cursors have to fight until only one remains.

  • Web-based and available online for free
  • Two game modes: All vs all and Team vs team
  • Two score types: Deathmatch and Survival
  • 9 types of attacks
  • Up to 8 players per room
  • In-game chat
  • Servers for South America, North America and Europe
  • Local multiplayer through a Desktop version
  • No login needed!

Halu Android (2015~2016)

An arcade-endless-runner game for Android. The only objective is to survive as far as you can, and beat your friend's scores.

Many dangers exists in Halu's world. There are rocks that can hurt any living thing. You can avoid them by jumping or shrinking, but don't shrink too much... you can disappear! Also, your soul will try to escape and you will have to keep it at your center. The speed will be increased all the time, and the smoke balls will be waiting for you. Be prepared.


piuGBA GBA (2020)

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

A Pump It Up emulator for the Game Boy Advance that uses StepMania SSC charts.

  • Full .ssc support (including hold and fake notes, bpm/scroll changes, stop/delays, and warps)
  • Several game modes (campaign, arcade, impossible)
  • Multiplayer support via Link Cable (double charts)
  • Dynamic speed multipliers
  • Multiple mods
  • ~70 songs per .gba ROM

Go to the Discord server to find Download links and user-created content.

NEStation Web (2019)


A web-based NES emulator frontend which supports two players Net Play through WebRTC.

  • Fullspeed NES Emulation
  • Low-latency -peer to peer- online play
  • ROM Drag & Drop / Easy UX
  • Configurable controls
  • Xbox Gamepad support
  • CRT TV emulation

ElDumper Arduino (2019)


A Nintendo GameBoy cartridge dumper that can read the ROM and read/write battery-backed RAM to manage games and save files.

Arduino MIDI Player Arduino (2014)

A MIDI player made of buzzers, and a proof of concept about controlling an Arduino board with JavaScript.


quickp2p GitHub (2019)


A JavaScript library which simplifies connecting two web browsers through WebRTC Data Channels.

dropbox-universal-backup-tool Linux (2015)


A command line directory synchronizer with Dropbox. It syncs the files from disk to the cloud, with the added feature of being able to preview changes before pushing.


I wrote these projects when I was learning programming. They are written in Visual Basic 6, compiled and tested on Windows XP.

MouseWars Classic Windows (2009)

An online two-players war game, where cursors have to defeat each other by using the assigned attacks.

It works by using TCP/IP on Internet or LAN, but a Bot is also available for solo playing.

HackTheSystem Windows (2004~2007)


It's a... hmm... a "remote administration" tool. It has features like screen controlling and sharing, remote command execution, window management, keylogging, a file manager and a little chat.

El Chat Windows (2004~2005)


A chat client that we used a lot with my group of friends, inspired by the old MSN Messenger. It was my first contact with socket programming and I had a lot of fun doing it.